University of Richmond

A leading liberal arts college on what has been hailed as the nation’s most beautiful campus is also a D-I university in a booming capital city. Students draw on Richmond’s many facets to assemble their portfolio of experiences. Any surprise that this one-of-a-kind enterprise is also home to the nation’s only Spider mascot?

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  • Best in Show / Total Recruitment Program Higher Education Marketing Report’s Advertising Awards

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A resolve (in fact, a guarantee) to support and fund students as they assemble a collection of rich experiences that add meaning to their transcripts and lives. The promise of a truly international experience—whether on campus or through study travel. A vibrancy that belies the beauty of a well-manicured campus in an upscale Richmond neighborhood. These are the pillars of the platform for the second generation of admissions communications we have developed with the University.

“Arachnophoria”—Richmond boasts the only spider mascot in the nation—is the conceit for a narrative about the thrill of intellectual engagement, responsiveness to student interests and passions, and a wholly positive outlook that permeates the University.

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