The Pingry School

On the surface, Pingry’s funding priorities—bricks and mortar, faculty support, financial aid—might seem commonplace. But its plan to more fully integrate program, place, and the student experience underscores how Pingry has gained exemplar status among the finest independent schools. The School’s Blueprint for the Future is its call to action.

Pingry Fund Direct Mail


  • Gold Award / Total Fundraising Campaign Higher Education Marketing Report’s Advertising Awards

Pingry’s $65-million campaign has been comprehensive:

In fundraising terms, it has been an accelerator of participation for The Pingry Fund, which has been co-branded with Blueprint for the duration of the campaign.

In terms of impact on school life, it has been a catalyst for transformation on both of Pingry’s campuses. At Basking Ridge, an ambitious modernization plan is adding spaces to better facilitate the School’s signature Conference Period program. A new state-of-the-art athletics center is also in the works. And at Short Hills, a significant space-redesign project has resulted in learning neighborhoods that bring together teachers, students, subject areas, classes, and grades.

Other objectives—to support faculty recruitment and retention and to sustain Pingry’s leadership in the area of student access—have required case building for endowment strengthening. A system of print materials—supplements to the campaign case statement—have provided gift officers with options to tailor materials to donor interests. And throughout the campaign, the Blueprint website has served as a communications hub.

More than $70 million has been raised to date, far eclipsing Blueprint‘s ambitious goal.

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