Colby College

A world-class museum. Research partnerships across the region and around the planet. A bold, new model for experiential learning. A network of alumni who live the mantra “Colby for life.” It is a vast constellation of interlocking resources that makes Colby Colby. These days, when people ask of the College, “It’s way up there, right?” it’s probably not a question about geography.

(2017 C.A.S.E. Circle of Excellence Gold Award)

Lead Generation


  • Gold / Student Recruitment Series C.A.S.E. Circle of Excellence Awards (2017)

The accelerating demand for a Colby education has been rapid. Following two years of 40-percent-plus gains in applications, the pool for the class of 2023 includes the most students of color ever to apply to the College. Along with sharp increases from students on the West Coast and in the South, Colby has attracted applicants from more than 135 countries.

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