Barnard College

A New York City campus. Liberal arts character. A college for women. Barnard represents a unique option for the most talented female students. Asserting the power of a Barnard degree and the world-changing achievements of its graduates has been our task.

Lead generation



  • Best in Show / Acceptance Pack Higher Education Marketing Report’s Advertising Awards

“An overall knockout because of strong stories, photos, and design. We couldn’t find a place where it went wrong. And the magazine-like approach wasn’t afraid to entertain, either.”

— Judges’ report, C.A.S.E. Circle of Excellence (Grand Gold winner)

Lively, bold, sophisticated, the Barnard style is expressed in a cohesive program of digital and print materials. Black, the unofficial Barnard color, anchors the look—and the content strategy brings focus to the rigor of the student experience, the opportunities in New York City that the College makes available to students through its vast partnerships, and the achievement of its alumnae across a range of professions and careers. It extends from a mobile-first Student Search to a high-touch acceptance package.

During the course of our now-30-year engagement, Barnard has become the most applied-to and selective women’s college in the nation and its enrollment profile, as measured by student-of-color representation and selectivity, has markedly improved from already enviable levels. Students from underrepresented minority groups represent more than 50 percent of the first-year class, and 18 percent of the class are first-generation college students.

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